NUIG student in critical condition after attempting ‘golden week’

By Eoin Molloy

A 20 year old student at NUI Galway is said to be in a ‘critical but stable’ condition at University Hospital Galway following her plucky effort to complete a fabled ‘golden week’. The urban dictionary defines a ‘golden week’ as a perfect week, whereby one manages to make it to every lecture they are scheduled to attend.


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Four celebrity twitter accounts you should seriously consider following

Long ago, in a time before Twitter, celebrities had to exercise more than their thumbs to get in contact with their fan-base.

In those dark and perilous times, our beloved persons of interest would have to book television shows and press conferences in order to make announcements, with some of them even physically trawling through swathes of fan-mail just to read about how they inspire little Tammy and Jesse Sue, and maybe even see a picture of their cat.

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