Smokey’s pigeon kidnapped by ISIS terrorists

By Eoin Molloy


Some truly tragic news for the students of NUI Galway now as we learn that our beloved mascot and friend, Smokey’s pigeon, has been kidnapped by ISIS terrorists.

The news was first broken by Qatari news conglomerate, Al Jazeera. The pigeon had been missing from his usual hangout at Smokey’s for a few weeks now. Everyone’s favourite pigeon had been holidaying in southern Turkey, just minutes away from the warzone near the Syrian city of Kobani.

According to the Al Jazeera report, Smokey’s pigeon (with a home address at Woodquay in Galway City) was one of 120 Western citizens who were taken as prisoners by the ISIS militants as they stormed over the border and into Turkey as part of a ‘snatch-and-run’ night-time assault.

There appears to be no stopping the Sunni jihadists as they bring more and more territory under their control.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny made a statement on the issue outside of Leinster House today, saying: ‘We lament for Smokey’s pigeon, but we will not give up on him. Ireland will now seek to join the War on Terror’ in a more meaningful way.’

It is thought that the Irish Defence Forces will send a special operation task force, spear-headed by Liam Neeson and Conor McGregor, to Syria to rescue Smokey’s pigeon.

Here’s to hoping he is alive and well.



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