Four NUIG students sentenced to life imprisonment for making excessive noise in library ‘silent zone’

By Eoin Molloy


Four male students were apprehended yesterday in the first floor ‘silent zone’ of the James Hardiman library by the university’s independent Libocop service.

The arrests come as part of a wider crack-down on excessive noise pollution in the library.

The men were charged with playing Skrillex loudly on large headphones that do nothing to conceal the sound, ruffling Tayto packets and nudging one another as ‘fit birds’ crossed their line of vision.

The crime of playing Skrillex in the library carries a sentence of five years in and of itself, so it is unsurprising that the men received life.

Chief of police at Libocop, Martin Martinez, told TAB the following:

‘I feel sorry for them, but there’s a clear sign written on each desk in the silent zone that reads: ‘’no talking, no headphones, maximum penalty of life imprisonment.’’ Tis clear as day like.’

All four pleaded innocent at the trial at the People’s Supreme Justice Court of NUI Galway on Friday last. They were thoroughly cross-examined, and their guilt was ascertained by the acting jury, the SU council.

All of the men have chosen to appeal their sentences.


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