‘I look really smart now,’ thinks first year arts student wearing suit jacket to lecture

By Eoin Molloy


17 year-old brother-of-two Rhys Murphy shocked bystanders by wearing a suit jacket to his eleven am philosophy lecture in the Kirwan theatre on NUI Galway’s concourse, Tuesday last.

It is believed that Murphy bought the jacket in Penney’s in the Galway Shopping Centre for the princely sum of twelve euro.

News of Murphy’s suit-wearing exploits filtered onto social media before long. He and his jacket were going viral by lunchtime with #nuigsuitjacketguy trending on Twitter in Ireland.

TAB contacted Mr Murphy and his family for comment, but both declined to do so. We may only speculate as to why this brave young student chose to wear such swanky attire in so pedestrian a setting.

It is thought that Mr Murphy chose to wear the suit jacket in question to create an aura of intelligence and elegance. He combined the jacket with worn-down jeans, tattered converse shoes and oversized hipster glasses, achieving that perfectly ironic ‘too smart to care look.’

TAB’s fashion department have reached out to Mr Murphy for a full-length photo-shoot, showcasing his beautiful dressing skills. It is hoped that Mr Murphy will combine this flawless look with perhaps an ironic t-shirt or messy neck-beard for maximum effect.

The issue of suit jackets is vastly divisive, with activist student groups like the ‘Suit Jacket Solidarity Society’ campaigning for an end to the taboo on suit jackets. This group hopes to dispel the negative image around young male students ironically wearing suit jackets to college for no good reason.

Here’s to hoping that the Students’ Union holds a referendum on this issue as part of their program for 2015.


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